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Efficient and Effective Bedbug Solutions for Homes and Businesses in Inverness.

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Don’t let bedbugs ruin your reputation or your sleep!

Bedbugs can make a family home unlivable and significantly affect the morale of hotel staff, they can also harm a company’s brand if the infestation becomes public.

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  • Experienced & Professional: Proven track record in exterminating bedbugs effectively.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Solutions tailored to individual needs.
  • Quick Response: Prompt services to restore your peace of mind quickly.

Services And Pricing

1. Stream Treatment: £90 per room

  • Single Room Treatment includes inspection and treatment.
  • Recommended: Program of 3 visits for optimal results.

2. Additional Rooms: £70

  • Survey, identification, and treatment of infested areas.

3. Additional Visits: £70

  • Inspection and respray with different insecticidal formulations during each visit.

4. 3 Visit Program: from £200

  • Single weekly visit over a 3-week period allowing time for further investigation and a higher chance of success.

5. Heat Treatment Program: £600

  • Selected rooms are inspected and treated with an insecticidal spray.
  • Furniture is placed within a heat tent to exterminate all bedbugs, followed by respraying and inspection over 2 more visits.

Who We Are

Highland Pest Control specializes in providing top-notch pest control services, focusing on bedbug extermination in Inverness. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently handle pest-related issues, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for both residential and commercial spaces. Our team of experienced and professional exterminators is dedicated to delivering reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Usually by humans in their luggage or through second-hand furniture.

A: Bedbugs are usually found when the infestation has reached a point where customers are being bitten on a regular basis.