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Our approach includes a clear step-by-step process designed to guarantee effective bird control in Inverness. Initially, our skilled technicians undertake a detailed survey of your property, identifying the species, their nesting grounds and the extent of the infestation. Next, we analyze the situation and formulate an effective, tailored plan of action. Finally, our squad implements the proposed solutions, ensuring a process that respects the local wildlife legislation and the safety of the people present during the intervention.

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Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or a member of our valued elderly community, we have the expertise and the experience to tackle your Seagull problem. 


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Our Seagull control services offer a multitude of unique advantages, including personalized services specific to your bird problem, experienced and knowledgeable staff, cost-effective solutions to accommodate different budgets, environmentally friendly practices with respect for the local wildlife, and a local service poised to act swiftly in the Inverness area.

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With Highland Pest Control, you invest in an experienced, timely, and affordable solution to Seagulls, backed by the reassurance of excellent customer feedback. Nuisance birds, including pigeons and seagulls, not only damage your property but pose a significant health risk due to e-coli, bacteria and potential for nesting in places such as your roof. Don’t let seagulls disrupt your peace or pose health risks. Take control now.

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