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We are Highland Pest Control, your trustworthy ally in Mole Control Inverness. With years of expertise, our team of pest control professionals is ready to handle your pest problems efficiently and effectively.

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Our process is simple – Reach out to us, schedule an obligation-free survey, and let our professional team handle your mice control Inverness issues. We identify the extent of your infestation, devise a custom plan for your property, and treat the problem promptly.

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This is for homeowners in Inverness who are battling with stubborn mole infestations, business establishments that are suffering with pests in their workplace, and residents seeking effortless pest solutions in the Inverness area.

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Why Choose Us?

Pest control issues may be common, especially in urban areas, but with Highland Pest Control, we offer industry-leading methods backed by professional teams. Our service is designed to offer you effective, affordable, and lasting solutions to your mice problems.


Our services extend to peace of mind knowing you are backed by a fully trained and committed team, tailor-made treatment methods to suit your specific needs, and prompt action that helps you maintain a rodent free household and/or business environments.

Your Inverness Mole Control Specialists

Confronting a pest issue is no small matter, especially when your family’s health and comfort are on the line. We understand the need for swift, efficient treatment that rids your house or businesses of unwelcome pests. Our team works quickly and systematically to identify and treat any infestation that may occur, providing peace of mind and a clean, pest-free property.

Services And Pricing


From £80 per territory
Initial visit- Survey area and set traps.

follow up visit – check traps and remove carcasses.

Additional Territory’s

from £40

A territory is a separate area of mole activity on a site 

Terms and conditions

The treatment will be guaranteed for 31 days from date of the final visit, after that period should new Mole activity resume it will be considered that a new Mole has entered the territory  

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Frequently Asked Questions

We handle a wide range of common pests including wasps, rodents, insects, and more. Our fully trained professional team identifies and treats various pest issues.

We work quickly to address your pest control issues. Contact us to schedule an obligation-free survey today and we will devise a treatment plan promptly.

Yes, we offer our pest control services to both homeowners and business establishments in Inverness. We understand the need for a pest-free environment in both settings for the safety and comfort of all occupants.

Yes, customer safety is our utmost priority. We ensure our methods are safe for your family, pets, and plants while being efficient in dealing with pest infestations.

Pricing varies based on numerous factors such as the scale of infestation and the type of pest. This ensures you receive a custom, cost-effective solution for your specific pest problem.

Common signs include sighting of pests, droppings, nesting materials or physical damage to property. However, it’s often best to seek a professional pest control inspection, as we can identify less obvious signs of infestation.

Highland Pest Control provides professional, affordable and lasting solutions to your pest problems, backed by years of industry experience and a committed team. We rid your property of pests and provide peace of mind.